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164 1346d 19h lostjared / updated README  
163 1346d 19h lostjared /source/ minor changes to cmx_video.h  
162 1346d 21h lostjared /source/cmx/include/ changed clrRect,  
161 1346d 21h lostjared /source/ added the rest of the controllers buttons to ps3 joystick module  
159 1347d 21h lostjared /source/ working on maptest for ps3  
157 1348d 16h lostjared / fix: ps3 no longer crashes because of a error in on exit  
155 1348d 19h lostjared /source/cmx/include/  
153 1348d 19h lostjared /source/ fix to filebrowser, should work right on PS3 now  
149 1350d 14h lostjared /source/ working on maptest for PS3  
143 1350d 18h lostjared /source/  
142 1350d 19h lostjared / added filebrowser demo to finished demos  
141 1350d 20h lostjared /source/ update to cmx_browser, + chanegs to  
135 1352d 16h lostjared /source/ fix to loadImage in video for PS3  
128 1353d 11h lostjared /source/ updated to work with new version of PSL1GHT using oopo 's toolchain  
127 1353d 18h lostjared /source/ trying to use method other than dirent.h to get directory listing, so the filebrowser and maptest do not work in this revison working on a fix  
123 1354d 20h lostjared /source/ added keyboard input maptest  
121 1355d 04h lostjared /source/ added joystick to keyboard other tweaks  
120 1355d 05h lostjared /source/ file browser now integrated into maptest, use a controller no keyboard so far  
119 1355d 06h lostjared /source/cmx/include/ formating  
118 1355d 07h lostjared /source/ completed and added filebrowser to engine, easy to use interface for file system  

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