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QtMutatris for Mac OS X 10.6

QtMutatris - OpenGL Puzzle Game

This is a version of Mutatris (originaly a game I wrote with mx in SDL) for Mac OS X (intel Leopard). It is written using Qt 4.5.1 from Trolltech and uses OpenGL for the games graphics. It is a window based game versus fullscreen/single window. It is a unique game that has its own rules different from masterpiece to learn these rules click how to play in the help menu.

Download QtMutatris for Mac OS X Leopard

SHA1 = 4649bc56af23cecc935960627f3f86b264315870
MD5 (QtMutatris.dmg) = b417f40408110ae7356b20bde3aaf864

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UPDATE @ Sun May 17 14:39:14 PDT 2015
It seems the first version of Acid Cam (1.7.7) is incompatible with MacOS X Yosemite for some reason. So if you using Yosemite just pick up version 2 of the program.

UPDATE @ Tue May 12 14:48:53 PDT 2015
Bad news, seems apple deprecated and now dropped support for one of the libraries that SDL 1.2 that I used to compile the majority of the games on this site. So that means I have to recompile and repackage the majority of these programs to get them to work on Yosemite. So the last version supported was 10.9.

UPDATE @ Fri May 8 10:30:56 PDT 2015
Added our first program for the Oculus 2. It requires that you at least have have the Oculus 2 Runtime.

UPDATE @ Wed Feb 11 11:24:23 PST 2015
Added a few new posts to my blog and have been adding new examples to my C++11 Repository

UPDATE @ Sat Dec 13 17:27:03 PST 2014
Added up to date version of Acid Cam 2 for Microsoft Windows.

UPDATE @ Wed Dec 10 11:12:16 PST 2014
The Site has been redesigned and its looking great. Thanks to my friend Daniel Daley who designed the page.

UPDATE @ Thu Oct 9 11:12:06 PDT 2014
Added a image file with the different LostSideDead graphics programs I have created. AlphaFlame HD Launcher needs to be copied to /Applications .

UPDATE @ Thu Oct 2 17:32:12 PDT 2014
Added a new version of Acid Cam v2.0.17 for Ubuntu Linux

UPDATE @ Fri Sep 19 15:19:11 PDT 2014
Made this music video with Alpha Flame HD quite a while ago, check it out!

UPDATE @ Fri Sep 12 14:56:55 PDT 2014
Added a compressed Archive containing the source code for Acid Cam 2 to the site.

UPDATE @ Thu Sep 11 14:51:50 PDT 2014
Added a video demonstration of Acid Cam for iPhone.

UPDATE @ Fri Aug 29 12:20:41 PDT 2014
Updated Acid Cam to version 2.0.16. Added all the filters from AF_Filter and you can now jump to any frame when processing a video.

UPDATE @ Sat Aug 23 10:23:31 PDT 2014
Collection of Jared Brunis Artwork

UPDATE @ Fri Aug 22 19:52:27 PDT 2014
Added new Forum to the site!

UPDATE @ Mon Aug 11 18:52:51 PDT 2014
Added a video with my Top 10 Favorite Programming Books.

UPDATE @ Tue Jul 15 19:46:17 PDT 2014
Released First Demo of a free Puzzle game for Playstation 3 I call Codename Quadtris.

UPDATE @ Wed Jun 25 11:33:42 PDT 2014
Added new Programming Mastery section.

UPDATE @ Mon Jun 23 19:17:04 PDT 2014
Added new Playstation 3 Demo Page.

UPDATE @ Sun Jun 22 07:48:27 PDT 2014
Created some Demos for Playstation 3 you can find the source and pkg files in a new repo I have added to the SVN. View Source.

UPDATE @ Fri Jun 20 23:07:45 PDT 2014
Added X264 mp4 versions of my C++ Tutorials that you can download.

UPDATE @ Sun May 25 19:14:24 PDT 2014
Added some Video C++ Tutorials be sure to watch them on a screen that is big enough or full screen so you can see what is going on.

UPDATE @ Tue May 13 09:58:52 PDT 2014
Added new C++11 Examples to the growing list.

UPDATE @ Mon Mar 10 11:33:28 PDT 2014
Uploaded new version of Acid Cam v2 with a new filter and filter select menu.

UPDATE @ Sat Mar 8 10:33:44 PST 2014
Added a new program to help increase Reading Speed.

UPDATE @ Fri Mar 7 14:30:25 PST 2014

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